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Se buscan socios en IBIZA. Oportunidad de negocio

Actualizado: 29 jun 2023

Partners are sought for a new project in IBIZA: The launch of the $IBIZA cryptocurrency The $IBIZA will be a decentralized payment system, an investment asset and can be traded in decentralized and centralized exchanges around the world. We are looking for partners (in Ibiza, or throughout Spain) who participate in the launch of the liquidity banks that support the currency and can contribute from a minimum of 100 euros to a maximum of 900 euros. Members receive back $IBIZA tokens worth 0.002 euros unit (it is their launch value). The capital raised is deposited in 4 liquidity funds that back the currency, which means that at any time the investor wants to withdraw his money, he can do so by selling his tokens to the liquidity fund. The initial launch price of $IBIZA token will be 0.002 euros, as an investor partner this will be your purchase price. We are not a company but a non-profit NGO, which means that $IBIZA was born as a social experiment. (You can find the fiscal data of our NGO on the web When a cryptocurrency is capitalized, its starting price is established and when CoinMarketCap, which is the world cryptocurrency portal, decides to officially publish it, its price normally shoots up between 100 and 1000 times its value. So once the token is published in the main cryptocurrency portals, its initial price may possibly increase from the initial 0.002 to 0.20 or 2 euros depending on user demand. If you want to participate as a capitalist partner in the $IBIZA social project, remember to invest only what you are willing to risk and always be aware that any business, just as it can generate great benefits, can also have risks. You can read all the information about $IBIZA on the website and once you have read the website and all the information write to us at or call us at 600770711 or send us a WhatsApp to the same mobile phone number.

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