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bitkoin is the new cryptocurrency based on the history of bitcoin (BTC)

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

14 years have passed since the creation of bitcoin (BTC) by a mysterious name Satoshi Nakamoto; From then, until today this cryptocurrency has grown up to 10,000 times its value, creating new billionaires and a decentralized economy.

Smart contracts, known as Smart Contracts, have allowed the creation of new cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Today we are talking about a new project, a new token created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain called bitkoin. (

We are in love with bitkoin for 2 reasons: first because its trading is based on the history of bitcoin from 2009 to today, and second because it distributes rewards in bitcoins to all its holders.

Why the bitkoin cryptocurrency gives us a lot of security?

I'll tell you here often: - For the pre-sale they have used a smart contract in Cointool that automatically creates the liquidity pool immediately when the pre-sale closes and then locks it for 21 months. That means that it is a serious project where its administrators (DEVS) want to work and grow; Therefore, the first thing they do is protect users' investments so that no one can carry out any illegal maneuver. - Because the team of professionals behind bitkoin have identified themselves as Zhao Nakamoto, the little brother of Satoshi Nakamoto, and that subliminal message clearly implies the solidity of the project. - Because they have set a 5% FEE on all transactions and have allocated the entirety of this fee to rewards in bitcoin (BTC) for all users who have a minimum of 100 bitkoin in their wallets. There is no marketing wallet or anything like that. - Because the Cointool pre-sale allows you to participate from only 2.5 usd (0.01 BNB) to a maximum of 750 usd (3 BNB) per user. Therefore, acquiring 100 bitkoin costs only 25 USD and in this way you can hold the minimum amount of coins you need to receive rewards in bitcoin (BTC). - Because they have also thought about large and medium investors by creating 100 VIP pre-sale packs where with 2,500 USD you can buy 10,000 bitkoins + 10 merchandising gifts, which are received directly at home, with a free transport to any country in the world.

The pre-sale of bitkoin on Cointool begins on November 21, 2023 and the pre-sale of the 100 VIP packs begins on October 21, 2023. You can access to both pre-sales by visiting the website:

NOTE: This article is informative and does not intend to sell anything to anyone, nor does it make or offer any promise of profits or wealth, therefore it must be interpreted as it is read, as information to the reader.


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