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Donate money for a good cause: "Change the financial system"

We are creating a decentralized economic system in Spain, that means that people will be able to use money in an economy that has no owner or centralization, that is possible through anonymous electronic wallets and DEXs (decentralized exchanges).

It is a social experiment and its name is “Spanish Dollars” and this social project is developed by a non-profit NGO.

The writer of these lines is an economist and specialist in decentralized financial systems. You can participate in the project through a donation and you will receive as a gift some tokens for the exact value of your donation. These tokens are the Spanish Dollars that will allow you to enter the decentralized cryptoactive market.

For most people all of this sounds new and it is, but it is part of the present and certainly the future of our economy.

The first 4 Spanish Dollars that we have created to start this great social project are the following: < strong>$Madrid $Barcelona $Marbella and $Ibiza

You can read all the information about each one on the following websites:

The NGO's fiscal data can be found at the bottom of each of the 4 web pages.

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