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10 good reasons to vote #SoydeMijas in 2023

In the last municipal elections in Mijas (2019) of 46,000 Mijas registered to vote, only 24,000 voted while the remaining 22,000 did not exercise their right.

22,000 Mijeños and Mijeñas did not go to the polls simply out of protest, because they did not feel represented by any political party

It doesn't surprise us at all. It is enough to find out "the professional experience" of those who presented themselves as councilors:

Small-time people in search of an easy salary as well as their political parties, authentic revolving portals where no type of selection is made, but the important thing is the votes you bring.

Are you any one but you bring votes?

Then you are eligible to stand for Councilor of Mijas.

All our understanding to the 22,000 non-voters.

How can they be criticized for not voting?

Our proposal:

In 2023 we propose a total change. Let's retire so many ghosts and give way to prepared people.

From #SoydeMijas we appeal to the 22,000 non-voting fellow citizens so that they learn about our program and are encouraged to vote for us.

In Mijas, a joint vote can change the rules of the game and we could win the elections with an absolute majority

The 10 points of the #SoydeMijas electoral program represent real needs, which to this day no one ever proposed or fulfilled. (you can read the complete program at


(1) The right to a dignified life

(2) Equal opportunity

(3) The defense of citizenship

(4) The care of citizenship

(5) Social assistance for housing

(6) Care and protection of the environment

(7) Structural improvements and economic boost

(8) Building a glass gazebo

(9) The Figure of the Third Age in Mijas

(10) Leisure and free time in Mijas

Remember that:

When they tell you things can't change, it's a lie. Everything can change in an instant


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