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Discover the Best Electoral Program in Mijas

Get to know the best electoral program of Mijas for the next municipal elections of May 2023.

This program and its 10 points will surprise you because of how realistic they are and because of the need that all the citizens of Mijas have for change.

You can read the 10 points of this wonderful electoral program at or simply by clicking on the #SoydeMijas logo on the cover of this web page.

We have drafted the political program among professionals from all trades, economists, accountants, social professionals and the health sector have participated.

We have looked at how to generate wealth without oppressing the citizen, how to create sustainable self-sustaining systems that grow on their own without having to be nurtured with taxpayer money.

Just read, for example, the article on the IBI bonus only on the first home where we explain how a reduction in municipal income (very small) then creates a much larger income by transforming Mijas into a large urban center as a pole of attraction (thanks also to more social and economic maneuvers that we will carry out).

Here is the link to the article in question where you will better understand the IBI maneuver:



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