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2023 Municipal Elections: 25 councilors for Mijas

My name is Marco Musumeci, I am 47 years old and I have been dedicating myself to business life and to studies of planning and development of public and private macroeconomics for more than 28 years. As president of the #SoydeMijas citizen movement, I believe that for the Mijas City Council to function efficiently, it is essential that each Councilor has impeccable work experience, accompanied by professional specialization in the sector that corresponds to them. Each Councilor must know how to easily and dynamically manage their department and this can happen only and exclusively if the people who stand for that position have the required academic and work preparation. We propose you to help us in this task and if you consider or know highly qualified people who could participate and take the step to enter the political life of our municipality, contact us and we will try to organize a meeting.

At #SoydeMijas we are aware that the organization chart of the new Government of Mijas must be made up of people from different sectoral and social areas with great professional training. Being a politician, being a councillor, is a great responsibility and a commitment to the people of Mijas. If you have not done so yet, you can learn about our electoral program on the web: Join #SoydeMijas actively or as a supporter by creating a free account on the social network and/or following our official Telegram channel: #SoydeMijas Changing the old political bureaucracy for a new one, more efficient and closer to the Mijeño people is easy: it is enough to participate and want it. #SoydeMijas is not a vote, it's you.

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