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Best Electoral Program in Mijas (written by professionals).

The municipal elections of Mijas 2023 are approaching and in our municipality a movement of neighbors stands out that has been formalized with the name of #SoydeMijas to attend the next municipal elections. It must be specified that its components are people from different social and professional conditions but united in pursuit of the same goal: a fairer society and a more efficient organization of the City Council and, above all, closer to its citizens.

What surprises us and gives us hope is his electoral program totally focused on the welfare of the citizen and that proposes very innovative economic and social maneuvers. On the other hand, each point of the program has been analyzed so that it not only gives the citizen much more than what he receives, but also that he is capable of producing more wealth without having to pressure or burden his neighbors with useless and immoral taxes. The electoral program of #SoydeMijas can be read in its entirety on the website and here we leave you as a reference the titles of the 10 points that make up its program: PROGRAM MENU: (1) The right to a dignified life. (2) Equal opportunity. (3) The defense of citizenship. (4) The care of citizenship. (5) Social assistance for housing. (6) Care and protection of the environment. (7) Structural improvements and economic boost. (8) The construction of a glass bay window. (9) The Figure of the Third Age in Mijas. (10) Leisure and free time in Mijas.

To support an innovative electoral program, professionals from all social and economic areas are needed, which is why #SoydeMijas commits to presenting only people who are prepared and who can contribute their knowledge to the citizenry for the position of councilor. The 25 councillors, apart from being an even number of women and men, will be people with an impeccable working life and a recognized professional career. That will make our municipality have a team of prepared people, putting an end to a quarter century of councilors without preparation and in part without even work experience or training. Remember: SOYDEMIJAS is not a VOTE IT'S YOU

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