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History of Mijas: "How some neighbors won the elections to the main political parties".

Dear neighbor of Mijas, on May 28, 2023 we could write this story together ❤️

There are 7 months left for the next municipal elections in Mijas and this year #SoydeMijas will stand to win the municipal elections and show that the citizens of Mijas have said ENOUGH. Dear neighbor, I know that you are tired of false promises and that all politicians and parties are the same. In addition, this expression is already common not only in Mijas but throughout Spain. We at #SoydeMijas think the same as you, just for this reason it is necessary to put an end to incompetence and start doing things right. We want to put an end not only to the centralized and opportunistic policies of the main political parties in our country, but we also want to say enough is enough to all these pseudo-politicians without any preparation, or work and professional history who stand for council positions in Mijas. From #SoydeMijas, we are committed to presenting as councilors only people with a minimum working life of at least 15 years and with indisputable preparation in the different sectors of our society. Dear neighbor of Mijas, we ask you to be part of this story, to get to know our electoral program on the website and to support us with your vote and the vote of your family and friends. At #SoydeMijas we want the citizens of our municipality to start living well today and better tomorrow. This is possible only if the city council's budget is managed in a wise and coherent way. Discover today the 10 points of the 2023 electoral program of #SoydeMijas on the website And remember: SOYDEMIJAS IT'S NOT A VOTE IT'S YOU ❤️

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