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How was #SoydeMijas born? We tell you here.

It is already news that #SoydeMijas will stand for the next municipal elections in Mijas in 2023.

This new citizen movement has been growing and evolving since March 2021, going from being an internet social network (the Mijas Social Network) to a citizen NGO (Registry of Associations of Andalusia. NIF: G16761728) and finally to a political party for thus be able to attend the next elections in Mijas.

Therefore, it is now necessary to talk about the history of #SoydeMijas and how it was born.

My name is Marco Musumeci, I am the one who writes this article and the founder of #SoydeMijas.

It is a great pride for me today to have the opportunity to tell how this great adventure began, and the difficulties I had at the beginning and the good people I met along the way.

I am an entrepreneur and economist. I arrived in Spain (Zaragoza) in 1994 as a student, because I won an Erasmus scholarship to study for 1 year at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

A simple year was enough for me to fall madly in love with this great country that is Spain and its people.

Spain is a warm country like Italy but unlike the latter, the Spanish (most of them) have a different way of covering you, almost without knowing you they open the doors of their house to you and show you friendship in a disinterested way.

I still remember how people on the street said "hello how are you" without even knowing you or the girls gave you 2 kisses every time they introduced themselves. In Italy you shake hands when you are introduced to a new person.

Once I finished my degree and with my university degree in hand, I returned to Spain in 1998.

During these years (24 years have passed) I have continued to work as an entrepreneur, as a business consultant and above all I have continued to study, train myself to adapt to all the changes that have taken place in our economy, such as the digital transformation of our environment, and the new decentralized systems DEFI and DAO, which are the future of our financial economy, and will supplant current banks in the coming years, giving financial freedom to all citizens of the world.

As in life not everything is roses, but there are also thorns, on October 19, 2019 I became ill with Multiple Sclerosis, which is a disease that I had heard of several times, but had never stopped to investigate more about it ; In short, it is something destructive that attacks the neurons of the brain and gradually incapacitates you; it is as if they turn off the lights inside your body until you turn off completely.

I'm not going to delve much deeper into my illness; I will only tell you that it changed my life. The doctors I went to see did not offer me any solution, because it is an incurable disease; the only thing they told me was:

"Let's wait for a year to pass to see if your life gets worse little by little or quickly"

This answer is not what is expected of a person who has always lived life energetically and positively.

It is clear that before this sudden change in my life I began to see things differently.

My sensitivity and my emotions reached their peak.

But it wasn't all bad. Finally, I understood that the world around me was full of so many people living with other problems, sometimes worse than mine.

Think, for example, of those who have children and cannot feed them, or do not make ends meet, or terminally ill people, people with disabilities such as the blind or a person in a wheelchair.

I began to be interested in the politics of our country and especially that of Mijas.

Every time I analyzed each economic or social maneuver, what I saw from my knowledge, as an economist, is that there was great ignorance, lack of professionalism and that things were done without logical sense.

It should be pointed out that those of us who are (really) economists, every time we carry out any maneuver, and before putting it into action, we always study a "return model" called Feedback (in Spanish it is defined as a return ring).

Essentially a return loop is when, when performing an action, we study how the environment will react at its return point. The successful feedbacks are those that generate sustainable systems, that is, systems that feed themselves and grow without the need for more capital (avoiding sustainable systems).

Having acquired a lot of knowledge and arming myself with a lot of will, in February 2021 I decided to write an electoral program for Mijas, which was completely innovative and focused on the universal rights of citizens.

Naturally I asked other professionals for help to guide me and offer me their personal point of view until I finally finished it.

Within the program, one of the maneuvers of which I am very convinced is that of the full IBI bonus on the first home.

The return ring of the IBI manoeuvre, apart from eliminating an immoral tax (nobody should be prosecuted for having a roof over their heads) is going to get many residents of Mijas who are not currently registered to do so in order to benefit from this discount and In this way we will achieve that the Mijas Town Hall finally exceeds 100,000 registered residents.

This will allow us to have the much desired and necessary macro-hospital, more money from the Spanish state, more police, more civil guards, more firefighters, more health workers, etc.

Going back to when I finally finished the electoral program, another important task was already beginning for me: I had to find a political party in Mijas that wanted to carry it forward.

This is where my nightmare began: at first I thought that political parties were governed by meritocracy, that is, whoever shows they have more preparation or better ideas, leads. But nothing further than that. If you prove to have a higher preparation than theirs, they close the door in your face and also lock it to make sure you can't come back.

The first political party where I went was the PP of Mijas (where I went on the recommendation of some friends in the Deputies). Once I read the program (they took more than 1 month to answer me), not only did they tell me that they were not interested at all, but their spokesperson, the one who called me on the phone, in the meantime told me that she did not understand why I was talking to solve gender violence, because according to her there is no gender violence in Mijas, and that it is not necessary for a councilor to have a working life that supports him as a professional.

I have to add that the PP, like the other political parties, works with an internal bureaucracy as if it were a feudal castle. Every time you have to talk to someone different, they pass the ball from one to the other. In addition, they made it very clear to me that in the match (as in others), the rule of whoever arrives first works, and the others come to the queue... A person is not valued by their training, but by order of arrival.

In other words, if 10 useless people arrive before you and if they let you in, you will be number 11, even if you have more preparation than all the other 10 combined. And if you become one of the 25 Councilors who appear on their list, your votes go from the head of the list to those who follow. It's like a 17th-century servitude, where a few noblemen gnaw on pork shoulders while the rest of the diners wait for some bones to be thrown at them.

This is how, ladies and gentlemen, the political parties of our country work.

Continuing with the story, once I had the first rejection (that of the PP), I turned to other political formations such as the PSOE and Ciudadanos, who did not even want to attend to me.

I sent many emails and constantly called the Mijas Town Hall, without any success. They never answered my emails, nor did they ever return a call, until 3 days ago, Wednesday, September 28, 2022, when they called me from the Mijas Town Hall asking for a representative of #SoydeMijas to come to participate in the meeting with all the political parties to talk about the information tables of the political parties in the street (the truth is that it was an enormous satisfaction after so much rejection).

My last visit to get a political party to agree to represent my program was the coalition of leftist parties, exactly the representatives of United We Can, who gave me an appointment in a city hall building that they have on loan and they treated me kindly.

At the end of the meeting, one of them told me the following:

"Marco, no one is going to accept you in any political party because you are a very prepared person, with a well-studied program and with all the characteristics that a leader has, and none of the comrades in our party or others are ever going to accept that make a shadow

That is why what I suggest is that you lead your own movement and make your ideas and proposals known so that more people join you and choose to follow you."

Returning home, I thought about these words all night.

After an intense night, I decided to go ahead alone, I thought that surely there would be more people knowing about the program and my noble intentions would join the project.

First, the most important thing was to go unnoticed and not attract the attention of any political party, which is why I programmed and published the first social network in Mijas on the internet, and I registered a citizen association with the name from #SoydeMijas.

My intention was that the residents of Mijas knew my electoral program far from partisanship.

Essentially, what he proposed was universally fair, and there was no room for partisanship in it, rather the #SoydeMijas proposal was of common interest:

"Put an end to the interests of a few and advance those of all and fulfill the common good"

And there he goes: with sports shoes, a backpack on his shoulders, a 47-year-old "kid" walking the streets of Mijas, as if he were a teenager, leaving information about his great project.

After weeks, the first calls began and with them the first personal meetings:

Francisco arrived first and a few weeks later José Antonio, Luis Miguel, Gladys, Emilio, Fuensanta, Antonio, Manolo, Anne, Alina, Cristina, Manuela, María José, Jorge Casas, Jorge Luque, Diego, Lolo, José Miguel, Juan Antonio, Rosa, Rocío, Laura, José Luis, Aída, Alberto, Eva, Julia, Maribel, and all the residents of Mijas, who are already thousands, who follow us and read us daily on social networks and Google.

Today, October 2, 2022, at #SoydeMijas we continue with great enthusiasm, we share our daily tasks and attend weekly meetings with neighborhood residents, associations, professionals and entities interested in getting to know us more closely.

Although the municipal elections will be held on May 28, 2023, I am not worried about the result because I am proud of the work done to date and of everything we are achieving with each passing day.

When I look into the eyes of my fellow adventurers, I feel that I have already won something much more important than the elections, I have won some friends for life, and the best crew for that ship to reach its destination, thus fulfilling the will of all the residents of Mijas.

When they tell you that things cannot change, it is a lie. Everything can change in an instant. Remember that:

#SoydeMijas is not a VOTE, it's YOU

P.D.: Here I leave you some photos and videos of the mailing campaign in Mijas:

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