Mijas NGO wants to Bonify the IBI of the First Home

The real estate tax (IBI of the first home) has its days numbered in the Municipality of Mijas. If you are a Citizen of this beautiful town of Malaga and you are also registered in the voter census, you will be one of the beneficiaries if the NGO Soy de Mijas wins the next elections in 2023. Continue reading the article to find out more.

The economists of this NGO (renowned professionals in the academic and business world) have analyzed the IBI of the Mijas City Council for the last 11 years and have realized that most of the money collected comes from second-home or tourist properties and from businesses. and lands.

In itself, the IBI Bonus on the first home that would correspond to some of the residents of Mijas (some 46,000 registered inhabitants) would not have a burdensome influence on an already generous annual budget available to the Mijas City Council.

On the other hand, the growth of tourist homes in the coming years will contribute more commercial and second-home IBI.

Discounting 100% of the IBI of the first home in Mijas will attract citizens from all the nearby towns who will want to live in Mijas and have their habitual residence here. Even more low incomes that will also take advantage of the bonus on the rate of circulation of the first vehicle (IRPF income less than 18,000 euros per year) Read more here

The influx of new citizens from the entire province of Malaga will make Mijas in a few years go from the current 86,000 inhabitants to more than 100,000 and that will transform it into a large urban center receiving more state money, more police, more civil guards, more toilets and endless other things that will brighten the lives of all Mijeños.

So in reality, the IBI Bonus on the First Home not only abolishes an immoral tax to give the Citizen of Mijas a break, but it will benefit Mijas by attracting more national and foreign citizens, more businesses, more infrastructure and more state money.

Here below we copy the full text of the IBI bonus proposal (Point 1 - Program 2023):


a) IBI discount on the first home (habitual residence)

The IBI bonus process on the first home will be as follows:

1st year of government:

Income tax equal to or less than 30,000 euros per year and retirees will no longer pay the IBI on their first home. The rest of higher incomes will have a 50% discount on the fee. Companies, businesses and other properties that are not the first home of an individual are excluded.