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Mijas Town Hall - A town called abstention

22,000 registered Mijas Citizens did not vote in the 2019 municipal elections "as a protest" or due to lack of illusion.

Miguel tells us "When they do what they have to do, we will vote. In the meantime, let them hold on", a resident of the Mijas Municipality has sentenced. Another of the inhabitants of the town of Mijas María maintains that if they have opted for abstention it is because the politicians "have never kept their promises".

These are some of the hundreds of Citizens of Mijas who were interviewed by the Citizen Association #SoydeMijas (The NGO of the Citizens of Mijas that will be presented in the next municipal elections of 2023 through a citizen platform SEE ELECTORAL PROGRAM).

It is that in Mijas, a town in the province of Malaga, with 86,000 inhabitants in 2019, of the 46,000 census called to vote, only slightly more than half went to vote.

The question we asked the citizens in the streets of the Municipality of Mijas was always the same: Did you vote in the last municipal elections? and 3 out of 4 people answered NO.

Indeed, Mijas is one of the Municipalities in Spain where a very high IBI fee is paid, sometimes triple that of other Municipalities. On the other hand, it is one of the richest municipalities in Spain, its annual budget exceeds 100 million euro.

So we ask ourselves:


Juan Q answers us. He is a Citizen of Mijas, born in Mijas 52 years ago.

"El Mijeño" tells us that: "Except for Mijas Pueblo and La Cala de Mijas, which are the 2 places of greatest tourist interest where everything is very clean and well cared for, since in the rest of the neighbourhoods and areas of Mijas there is total abandonment: Asphalt streets broken and holes, abandoned signage, saturated garbage cans, bad smells, poor lighting with completely dark streets and areas, a lot of crime in residential areas, few police and civil guards, a collapsed health system and very few opportunities for training, study or work for the new generations".

We asked Carmen L. about the Basic Income Program and what she thinks of all these people cleaning and sweeping the streets and who are seen daily in groups of 6 or 7.

"La Mijeña" tells us that: "The idea of ​​the Basic Income Project is very important for the social integration of workers in Mijas, but its operations are completely opposite to what is a true project of social and labor integration.

"La Mijeña" continues telling us: "They should contact hundreds of Mijas companies from all economic sectors and thus be able to offer those who access Basic Income a range of different jobs that arouse their interest and also train them to be able to reintegrate into society. She gives us an example: "I like to cook and if I could do internships in the kitchen of a renowned restaurant I would learn more and when I finished my job in basic income I could easily find a job"

From #SoydeMijas we understand the concerns of Carmen, Juan or Miguel and that is why we invite all "Mijeños and Mijeñas", who want to actively participate in our Citizen NGO, to contact us through the web form found on the page:

Or if your wish is to remain anonymous, we invite you to join the Telegram channel #SoydeMijas here you find the direct link:

Telegram is a free messaging app like WhatsApp and by joining the official #SoydeMijas channel you can receive real-time news about Mijas and about all the actions of our NGO.



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