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Retirement in Mijas should mean an exciting and satisfying new life.

Intellectual life does not stop with age except degenerative disease. In conclusion Yes, a better world is possible and necessary for people who have crossed the threshold of 60 years, without fanfare, only taking into account human rights and eliminating any form of discrimination and abuse in the elderly. The Third Age must be a moment of Personal Growth and feel Protagonists, which the local Government must promote through access, either to decent work, facilitating accessible and useful training, and also giving access to all forms of leisure active and attractive, with enough places for everyone in any cultural, sports or leisure discipline. All retirees or people with disabilities are not old nor do we feel old, but socially those people who do not want to retire, who want to remain active in the workplace, with a clear mind and intelligence, and who have a lot to contribute through experience of working life and intellectually, and it is not the private company that has to give the answers, it is the City Council, contracting directly or making agreements with companies for the full labor inclusion of people who have passed the age of 55, or who do not want to retire when they turn 65.

In the US, a person can extend their working life and this contributes to more money after retirement, the same in Norway or France, or Germany and it is the State that provides these jobs, it is not that Spain is different, it is that our politicians lack the Minimum Sense of Public Service… Nobody understands or does not want to understand that more money in your retirement implies a better quality of life and being able to do things that you have not been able to do before, in addition to contributing to the State Treasury, but in Spain The retiree who intends to have a second source of income apart from his retirement is penalized, and this is more serious in small or minimum pensions. Let's go to Mijas, citizens are made to believe that we, the taxpayers, and we retirees too, should be the first concern, since we are the ones who pay them their hefty salaries, precisely we retirees have raised this country, with our sweat, our resignations and sometimes without decent labor rights. And at the end of the Path, when it has to be a backwater, are they condemned to continue Renouncing? Where is the Humanity of our Politicians? Where the fulfillment of its obligation? The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Ageism as "stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination against people because of their age". In a debate organized by HelpAge, in which older people participated, they themselves defined it as "direct or indirect actions by which someone is excluded, considered different, ignored or treated as if they did not exist, because of their age". (1)

That's right, Ageism is what is also called Ageism, which should be called HATE FOR THE ELDERLY PERSON, that is, negative discrimination for activity, to any person only because of their years, without taking into account other factors such as physical health and mental or any other that should be taken into consideration, they are framed in the stereotype of senile, rigid in thought and old-fashioned, which is clearly false and tremendously inhumane, and we only have to remember Rita Levi-Montalcini, Nobel Prize winner of Physiology and Medicine, who gave lectures at over 100 years of age, Margarita Salas, a student of Severo Ochoa, retired and who at over 80 years of age goes to the laboratory every day, or any rancher or farmer who, after 75 years of age, is still in their daily work with their children. But not everyone has been able to study for a degree and live off their passion, and it is sad and shameful that the Mijas City Council, which is not poor on the other hand, continues to deprive people of being able to return to that forgotten illusion, that passion that children and life pushed them to get out of your way, or give them the opportunity in the last stage of your life that can be long, to resume the frustrated dreams of a lifetime.

The High Commissioner of the Office for Human Rights, points out in one of his points that (2): "The silences, the negligence and the relative invisibility of the human rights issues of central interest to the elderly are so widespread and are so systemic in the international human rights system that fundamental change is clearly required. Simply urging existing mechanisms to do more and include older people's perspectives in the implementation of their mandates is not enough; a new specific regulatory instrument is needed to comprehensively remedy these deficiencies”… In Román Paladino, a change in actions and political will is very necessary for the full inclusion of older people in all areas of society, including facilitate the continuity of working life for those who do not wish to retire without this harming them economically, that is the right to a Dignified Life. In Mijas, people of a certain age or retirees are stereotyped and, specifically, workshops or excursions are organized only for a certain niche of people over 60 years of age, assuming that we lack other capacities and, of course, there is no budget for, for example practice horseback riding, guided hiking, workshops that promote theater or learning music in any of its instruments, crafts, painting or photography, and new technologies Where are the courses in Computer Science, Photoshop or Blog or web design? Author: Fuensanta Santos de la Rubia. Third Age Responsible in #SoydeMijas Learn about the #SoydeMijas electoral program for the upcoming 2023 municipal elections at #SOYDEMIJAS IT'S NOT A VOTE IT'S YOU

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