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#SoydeMijas will improve the Mijas Basic Income Program so you can fulfill your dreams

Since its creation in 2011, the social insertion company Renta Básica has been a jewel in the hands of untalented managers.

It is easy to understand that no economist or labor planning expert has ever been behind the Basic Income program. From the PP to the PSOE through Ciudadanos, no one has done anything to transform this jewel of Mijas into a factory of dreams for many Mijas.

Far from fulfilling the dreams of the citizens of Mijas, this labor insertion program in the last 11 years has simply sent its fellow citizens to clean streets and roads with brooms and dustpans, without teaching them practically anything.

It must be remembered that many of the people who enter the Basic Income program are people who have worked in other jobs and find themselves sweeping streets which, although it is decent work, is still a real "moral and psychological humiliation" for those who in a time they were specialists in other jobs.

At #SoydeMijas we think that putting people to clean streets and roads for 6 months or 1 year and then abandoning them to their fate is the most cruel and stupid thing that a City Council (that of Mijas) could ever do, using our money, which is also the money from the same people who are currently sweeping the streets and highways).

For this reason, if #SoydeMijas wins the municipal elections of Mijas in 2023 with a majority or comes to form a government with another political party, it will completely transform the Basic Income program by adding more than 100 different job specializations and hundreds or thousands of Mijas companies ( recognized) that offer a job in training in your company.

When a Basic Income contract is offered to a Mijas citizen, he will be given the opportunity to choose between 5 professions and will be able to select them in a previous form by marking his favorite profession (first option) to the least favorite (2,3,4 and 5) .

The new administrative and commercial team of the municipal Basic Income company will do everything possible to fulfill the dreams of each worker so that they can train in what they like best and have a future in their chosen profession.

Here below we show you point 2, letter d, of the electoral program of #SoydeMijas (

We will restructure the municipal company "Inserción Laboral de Renta Básica" to adapt it to current needs.

The function of this company created in 2011 is now obsolete, putting people to sweep streets, although it is a decent job like others, does not give the possibility of creating new jobs, training workers or stimulating innate passions.

The Basic Income job placement company, while maintaining its option for cleaning streets and public areas (selectable by the user), must give each worker the opportunity to choose a job sector that best suits their desires or passions .

For this reason, we will create, in collaboration with hundreds of Mijas companies (from different economic sectors), a training work program, through "Job Training" contracts (contracts of 4 months to 1 year) at no cost to Mijas companies with salaries paid by the municipal company.

Remember, when they tell you that things can't change, it's a lie. Everything can change in an instant with your help.


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