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The Mijas Garbage Service, an example of null Municipal Management

The non-compliance with the rules of the contract due to the inaction and abandonment of functions by the Consistory is so evident, which neither monitors nor supervises the disaster of service that we suffer from FOMENTO DE CONSTRUCCIONES Y CONTRATAS that we Mijas believe that it is pulling our leg at its air without any municipal control.

Another barbarity, that all of us Mijas pay and that, again, the Consistory does not supervise properly, we do not know if due to negligence or collusion.

In the first place, the contract with the FCC for garbage collection is for 10 years, and we don't really know why; In the first place, not even the warehouse where the work staff has to be meets the minimum acceptable requirements, nor bathrooms in good condition (they have installed construction bathrooms), nor lockers, nor even a decent dining room. Absolutely nothing.

All this, in addition to the scandal caused by the fact that, instead of replacing the containers, which are falling apart, the aforementioned "company" has given us fourth or fifth-hand containers from Jerez.

Doesn't the Mayor of Mijas, Josele González, drop his face in shame?

One of the obligatory points of the contract, which is to reinforce the personnel, is breached in a shameful way. From 21 street sweepers for all of Mijas, we have gone to 18 with Urbaser, and 12 with FCC. To give you an idea, for all Las Lagunas, Las Cañadas and el Juncal, only 6.

What does this mean?

Well, work overload, in each tour, and decrease in breaks or permits.

But it is that in addition, the machinery (sweepers, trucks, cars, etc.), are older than the black thread, and do not stop breaking, despite the fact that in another of the mandatory points, of the contract signed by the City Council for the not inconsiderable amount of 88 million euros plus the corresponding VAT, it was DEMANDED that it was necessary to hire more personnel and RENEW the machinery. Currently there are only backup staff on weekends.

The height of the disaster is that in addition to getting lost? sweepers, the ones that exist don't work. And not even the fire extinguishers that the vehicles carry. A few days ago a sweeper caught fire in the middle of the main street of Las Lagunas, near the CARE, on Camino del Albero, where the Firefighters had to arrive and ask for the fire extinguishers from the Post Office to avoid a catastrophe that would have caused the explosion of the truck , and that would have caused damage to both parked vehicles and urban furniture, and without wanting to think of deaths or serious injuries.

On the other hand, it is of a nerve that frightens that, also the much vaunted collection of belongings, another nonsense due to the continued non-compliance of the contracting company, also FCC "curiously".

Avenida de Andalucía, hot spot in the poor collection of both garbage and household goods, next to the points of Venta La Morena, Colegio Tamisa, La Atalaya, and even Calle San Elías, often "adorned" by piles of garbage on public roads, which citizens have enjoyed this summer, and that with the high temperatures, have led to unbearable odors, and the proliferation of rats, which walk in broad daylight without fear of pedestrians, the same can be found in the Urbanization El Faro, and Calypso Urbanization, and all this without mentioning the wild boars, which walk at full speed through Calahonda, and Sitio de Calahonda and Riviera del Sol, also at the call of uncollected rubbish. Quite a plan gentlemen.

Is this the health security that Josele González demands so much?

Why some councilors and road network cleaning managers who earn more than ostentatious salaries do not at least comply with their obligation to monitor compliance with the contract?

Where is the management by which they maintain their armchairs?

Where is the foresight and planning to give an image of Mijas according to the taxes that all citizens pay?

This Corporation has a face that steps on it.

Fuensanta Santos.


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