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There is a story behind each person ❤️

There is a story behind each person, some thoughts behind their expressions, some emotions behind their feelings and a soul under their skin.

Each one of us, along this path that is life, goes through moments, lives experiences and meets people, who will inevitably leave a mark on some part of us. Even those circumstances or people that we thought would go unnoticed seem to resurface later in some way in our lives.

“There is a story behind each person. There is a reason why they are as they are. Think about that before judging anyone."

Each person has their story and shows sensitivity towards some aspects more than others; Like you and me. That for us it is easy or simple to face a situation or express ourselves in a certain way, does not mean that for the other it has to be like that.

I love people who look at you with their eyes and see with their heart

I like simple and transparent people, people who are capable of giving you the true reflection of what they are with a heart, and who, in turn, allow you to be yourself at every moment. Without a doubt, this is not asking too much, and therefore, before worrying about finding authentic people, we must also worry about being authentic ourselves. It is not appropriate to wait for them to offer us without knowing how to offer first.

Living life from the heart is feeling the wounds of the world

Sometimes it's easier to live a blindfolded existence with a heart full of patches, preventing you from feeling, while protecting yourself from painful feelings. In a way, it would be like following that famous premise of:

"Not to feel so as not to suffer"

There are "magical people" surrounding us everywhere. They are the ones with whom you know happiness, the ones that help you fly, shine and unload your backpack. They, people with whom you share complicity, permanence.

Sometimes it is not necessary to say "I am by your side" because words are unnecessary. Sometimes you fit in with a person and out of nowhere you are guided by the melody of "love me well". It is a healthy link, clear in content, open to experiences. Friendship is one of those sincere looks that lighten sorrows and help us get rid of the obstacles that come our way.

True friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

This is a great truth that probably no one can deny. This is natural, because we cannot square expectations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and hobbies with each person who passes through our lives.

There are people with whom we connect in a special way and to whom experiences link us, using this to support one of the most important planes of our lives: the social.

As Aristotle said, we are social animals and, therefore, we need these unions to feel complete.

In #SoydeMijas we not only do politics but we are people with ❤️ and feelings that allow us to always give our best from the depths of our soul. If you are from Mijas, get to know us better at

Texts compiled by:

Marco Musumeci

And written by:

valeria sabater

Rachel Aldana

Emma Sanchez Cuevas

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