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Water in Mijas is not a commodity

Water is a common good. The citizen has the right to consume pure and clean water: "Water is not a commodity". Water as a resource has been characterized from different perspectives, as a public good, as an economic good and as a common good. From the human rights approach, basic access to it, as well as sanitation, has been recognized as a fundamental human right. In the 90s, everyone drank tap water at home and only a few bought bottled water in the supermarket because it was water of special origin and rich in ingredients or natural effervescents. Today that has completely changed. The water that comes out of our taps is not pure and most of it has high amounts of lime and other unhealthy minerals. This is the case of the water in Mijas, which is impure. All you have to do is pour water on the car, wait for it to dry and count the limescale stains that stick to the bodywork and that don't come off even if you wipe it with a cloth.

Water with natural properties or enriched in healthy ingredients is no longer sold in supermarkets, but rather osmosis or industrially purified water is sold. See the great business of Nestlé or other brands belonging to supermarket chains where liter and a half bottles are sold between 0.16 or 0.21 euros per unit. Today 90% of the Spanish population drinks bottled water. This common good, which is a human right, has been privatized and we are literally slaves to large multinationals that live off our need to buy bottled water. We produce millions of plastic bottles that pollute the land and the sea and it will be centuries before they disappear if we don't wipe out the world first. So we are faced with 2 big problems: 1.- The water from our taps is not pure and consuming it will bring us many health problems over time. 2.- Consuming bottled water not only deprives us of a universal right but also pollutes the world with plastics. #SoydeMijas has a solution to all this and is going to do it if he finally wins the elections or forms a government in Mijas.

The solution is the creation of mini osmosis water centers every 500 circular meters, thus offering each citizen of Mijas the possibility of accessing pure and contamination-free water 24 hours a day. The osmosis water fountains will have a rectangular or round design depending on their location and will adapt to urban architecture, being lined with tropical wood and plants. Each osmosis water source will have 10 taps, of which 8 natural water and 2 sparkling water. The citizens of Mijas will be able to collect their water with liter glass bottles like those of the landlady of a time or with 5-liter glass vases or as they prefer. In this way, the citizens of Mijas will have free access to pure water (with and without gas) and will stop buying bottled water in supermarkets, thus stopping (at least in Mijas) the plastic pollution caused by these bottles. Each water source will have a DNI reading system to ensure the service only and exclusively to Mijeños citizens and avoid crowds of people from other adjacent municipalities.

Water is a common good and a universal right. We do not have to buy "as some parties suggest" a purification machine to install it on the tap at home and have to buy activated carbon filters or other cleaning or replacement parts from a company. First, not everyone can afford a purifying or osmosis machine at home and second: it cannot be marketed as a basic necessity. If you want to know more performances of #SoydeMijas read the 10 points of the electoral program at In May 2023 vote for #SoydeMijas Remember: I'M FROM MIJAS IT'S NOT A VOTE IT'S YOU

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