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When ignorance criticizes, intelligence watches and laughs

When ignorance envies and criticizes, intelligence is silent, listens and laughs. Because after all, the disease of the ignorant is to ignore their own ignorance.

When there are ears that do not listen and small minds where explanations do not fit, it is better to shut up, laugh and let go.

When intelligence is forced to react

Let's start first by specifying what we mean by ignorance. We are not talking about a lack of culture or knowledge. The most pernicious ignorance is the one that lacks closeness, empathy and sensitivity to put oneself in another's shoes and where, in addition, he likes to make value judgments full of contempt.

The highest level of ignorance is practiced when we reject something that we know nothing about. When even knowing that we lack data or information, we prefer to dedicate efforts to maintain ourselves in our position than to obtain them.

It is not always possible or wise to choose silence in the face of contempt and insult. On occasions, intelligence is forced to react to defend its integrity. It does so because sometimes it is necessary to raise our voice in an assertive, safe and courageous way to make clear where our limits are.

Understand that small minds will never understand big dreams, and that there are deaf ears where intelligent words do not fit

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Article source: Valeria Sabater

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